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Sept. 27, 1999
Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

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1. Irving's Revisionist Conference A Great Success

Cincinnati, Ohio. Sept. 26. Under sheltering blue skies in the midst of a magnificent Ohio autumn, English historian David Irving's Real History, USA conference convened for three days in what was an unqualified success. Approximately 125 people came to hear a roster of top calibre revisionist speakers in the comfortable ambiance of a five star venue.


The Mount Olympus of the conference, who stood almost as tall as that fabled peak, and who caused John Sack's pen to scurry across his notebook perhaps more than any other speaker, was the incomparable Germar Rudolf. The boyish-looking 34 year old former researcher for the renowned Max Planck Institute, and doctoral candidate in
chemistry, is now living in exile after having fled Germany in the wake of a 14 month prison term imposed on him due to his Auschwitz studies.

He also has lost his wife and young children, his PhD. and his position at Max Planck because of his revisionist work. Mr. Rudolf is a world-class scientist, who like world class historian Irving, brings restless searching and scholarly industry to bear on the central humbug of the age.

Rudolf is a product of Germany's Catholic gentry. He speaks excellent English. There is nothing of the extremist or the fanatic about him. He had a good upbringing and a fine education. He is balanced and self-effacing and he does not find Hitler or Nazism appealing.

He is a scientist, an authority on solid state chemistry (such as the chemical residues on stone, which is the theatre of revisionist investigation in Auschwitz/Birkenau), who has, of necessity, become a historiographer.

He is also the first major revisionist figure since Ditlieb Felderer to share my concerns about the psychology and epistemology of the Newspeak technology of mind control embedded in the imposition of the neologism "Holocaust," as applied exclusively to Jewish contretemps in WWII.

Rudolf refers unabashedly to the Allied terror bombings of German cities and the post-war ethnic cleansing of German civilians from historic German territories in Poland, as "the holocausts against the Germans."

And he does not unconsciously and routinely use the "Holocaust" term as a description of Jewish allegations, without qualifying it as the "so-called 'Holocaust" or as the, "Holocaust' with a capital H," precisely the distinctions I also employ.


Michael A. Hoffman II