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IHR Activist Puts Cole Video on Local Television

Mark Weber

In northern California, veteran IHR supporter Harvey Taylor recently arranged for the broadcast of David Cole’s compelling video about Auschwitz on local cable access television, Continental Cablevision of Yuba City. To inform the public of the showing, Taylor also published an announcement (reproduced here) in the local daily Marysville Appeal-Democrat. Beginning October 5, it appeared in the paper for seven consecutive days. As a result of the broadcast, anonymous persons made telephone death threats against Fred Kirchubel, video production supervisor of Continental Cablevision (Sierra region), as well as other members of the station staff.

“Where are the gas chambers?,” asks an American soldier at the “Liberation of Buchenwald.” This cartoon by a prominent female artist who uses the pen name “Chard,” is from the French paper Rivarol, July 2, 1993.

Not long after it appeared, French authorities summoned the artist to question her about this drawing. Even though no serious historian now contends that anyone was killed in gas chambers at Buchenwald, it appears that her cartoon may have violated France's Fabius/Gayssot law of July 1990, which makes it a crime to contest the “crimes against humanity” as specified by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

On September 6, a French court ordered Robert Faurisson and Rivarol to each pay a fine of 19,750 francs (about $3,950) because the paper had published a mildly revisionist article by Faurisson.

Source: Reprinted from The Journal of Historical Review, vol. 13, no. 6, p. 23.

Published with permission, courtesy of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

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