The Journal of Historical Review

The Journal of Historical Review

Glayde Whitney, 1940–2002

The Institute lost a friend in January, when Glayde Whitney passed away in Tallahassee at the age of sixty-two. Professor Whitney, a member of the faculty of Florida State University, had achieved eminence for his research in the field of behavioral genetics. A few years ago he made waves at his university and among his colleagues by writing an introduction to David Duke’s My Awakening (available from the Noontide Press), which contains a popular treatment of the case for Holocaust revisionism. Professor Whitney was a speaker at the Institute’s thirteenth conference two years ago, and proved to be as personally engaging as he was dedicated to researching and standing up for free inquiry in pursuit of knowledge. His presence is missed.

Source: Reprinted from The Journal of Historical Review, vol. 21, no. 1, p. 13.

Published with permission, courtesy of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

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