NIZKOR Lies about Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust Gas

Some comments to "The Toxicity of Fumes from a Diesel Engine under Four Different Running Conditions"

by Friedrich Paul Berg

Of the hundreds of essays from technical and medical journals that I have cited over the last twenty years to refute the Holocaust hoax, the linked essay by Pattle et al. is, by far, the most important. Please see my most recent discussion in Dissecting the Holocaust (2003). According to Holocaust mythology, most Nazi gassings were committed with Diesel exhaust in approximately half-an-hour, or even less. The essay by Pattle and four other researchers in Britain in the mid-1950’s is the only known inhalation study ever on living animals in which the diesel exhaust exposures consisted of full-strength diesel exhaust and continued until the animals either expired from the exposures, or until five hours had elapsed.

My first essay on this subject—"The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within a Myth" (1984) was a highly theoretical analysis of the likely morbidity from diesel exhaust based on the well-established toxicity of carbon monoxide and reduced oxygen. A theoretical analysis in which all possible toxins in the exhaust could be considered seemed far too complex to have any real meaning. That shortcoming was answered, however, when the Pattle study was brought to my attention years later—and, it confirms everything I had written earlier about the inherent absurdity of diesel exhaust as a lethal agent for killing Jews or anyone else. But, it even shows that my earlier conclusions were actually quite conservative; the necessary conditions that one would have had to impose on any diesel to commit mass murder are even more preposterous than I had previously imagined.

The Pattle essay is thorough, rigorous and clear enough for all who are willing to read it carefully and honestly. There has never been any challenge to its findings either. Nonetheless, there are those who flagrantly misuse the Pattle essay and even claim, for example, that: "In all cases, the animals died." This blatant lie is spread primarily by one pro-Semitic organization called NIZKOR. See for example the internet essay entitled: "The Leuchter Report: Fumes from a diesel engine are not toxic enough to kill people." But there are many other websites and organizations which simply repeat essentially the exact same NIZKOR text and lie, even in German. Even more outrageous is the fact that such false propaganda is readily accessible in Germany and is even recommended by official organizations such as IDGR—but the refutation of the NIZKOR lie, including this essay, are suppressed by German law and severe German internet restrictions on access providers.

The reader should confirm for himself that according to Table 1, Column A of Pattle at al., all of the animals survived five hours of continuous exposure to the diesel exhaust from an engine running at idle, and even continued to survive for another 7 days after being removed from the gas chamber. See page 50 of the linked essay.

The reader can also confirm for himself, that in the most lethal of the tests, D1, all of the animals were indeed dead within the five hour test period—but, the text on page 49 also states: "After one hour’s exposure in D1 (0,22% CO), all except three of the 20 mice were dead. All the rabbits and guinea pigs were alive. After 3 hr. 20 min. all the animals were dead and the experiment was stopped." [emphasis added] But even this was only achieved with an exposure time more than six times as long as Gerstein and others have claimed for the alleged homicidal Nazi diesel gas chambers. In other words, for exposures of half-an-hour or less, hardly any animals die even under condition D1 and D2 which simulated an extreme loaded condition on the engine. Clearly, NIZKOR and especially a (Dr.?) Daniel Keren are scurrilous liars but their lie will, no doubt, persist indefinitely because it is an "essential lie" or prop for the Holocaust hoax.

Surely, the Pattle et al. essay must be banned in Germany as soon as possible just as literature based on direct observations of the moons orbiting Jupiter were banned by the Catholic Church. Pattle et al. must be completely wrong in their conclusions since the Holocaust claims are legally established and binding on us all. If Pattle, Stretch, Burgess, Sinclair and/or Edginton are still alive, they must all publicly apologize for their shameful experimental tests on living animals and admit their errors. And most important of all, Pattle et al. must publicly humiliate themselves for having unwittingly, or wittingly, given such superlative aid and affirmation to the holocaust deniers.