By Paul Grubach

THE PLAIN DEALER (Cleveland) is Ohio's most important newspaper, and certainly would be considered among the United State's most important newspapers. Although it is owned by the Jewish Newhouse family, this remains hidden from most of its readership.[1] With non-Jewish sounding names predominant among its highly visible executives and writers, one may naively end up thinking that this newspaper would not operate with any hypocritical bias against non-Jews.

But this is not the case. The ideological line they promote on the subject of alleged W.W.II "war criminals" simply reflects and serves a Jewish-Zionist agenda. Whether this is because of a conscious plan on the part of the newspaper, or because the editorial staff is simply fearful of the negative consequences that can befall any journalist who crosses swords with the powerful Jewish-Zionist elite, is unclear.

Whatever the case may be, the end result is still the same. The message put out about the prosecution of alleged "Nazi war criminals" is permeated with a hypocritical double standard. And let it suffice to say, the line they promote on the subject of "war criminal prosecution" simply mirrors the message put out by major media outlets, the Jewish-Zionist Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and the U.S. government's Office of Special Investigations (OSI).

Federal courts believe that a Lithuanian immigrant, Algimantas Dailide, persecuted Jews during WWII. In the lead editorial of September 9, 2000, the PLAIN DEALER stated: "U.S. prosecutors have managed to convince two federal courts that a former Brecksville [Ohio] resident participated in the Nazi persecution of Jews in his native Lithuania." Hence, it was concluded that he should be deported: "But the principle rightly has endured that America should not provide sanctuary for anyone who assisted--no matter what his rank--in one of history's most heinous crimes."[2]

The Jewish journalist, John Sack, has documented how Jewish Marxists persecuted and murdered large numbers of German civilians and prisoners in the aftermath of W.W.II. After committing such dastardly deeds, many of these Jews came to America and probably still reside here.[3] If it is right and just that alleged non-Jewish war criminals should be prosecuted and deported, then alleged Jewish war criminals should also be prosecuted and deported. If the U.S. government devotes resources to the rooting out of non-Jewish war criminals, then they should devote resources to the rooting out of Jewish war criminals. To concentrate only upon non-Jewish war criminals, but ignore Jewish war criminals, is SELECTIVE JUSTICE. AND SELECTIVE JUSTICE IS IN FACT INJUSTICE.

But don't hold your breath. The forces behind these Nazi war crimes investigations are not interested in justice for ALL. They have different, somewhat hidden agenda.

Holocaust revisionism, the theory the traditional view of the Holocaust contains lies and exaggerations, is a dire threat to Zionist power and influence. Jewish groups have attempted to combat its phenomenal growth with the use of "war crimes trials." Indeed, Israel's former Attorney General, Yitzhak Zamir, publicly admitted that this was one of the major purposes of the Israeli trial of John Demjanjuk, the Ukranian emigre who was accused of being a sadistic "gas chamber operator" at Treblinka concentration camp. "At a time when there are those who even deny that the Holocaust ever took place, it is important to remind the world of what a fascist regime is capable of...and in this respect the Demjanjuk trial will fulfill an important function," Zamir said.[4]

Demjanjuk was eventually declared "not guilty" by Israel's Supreme Court.

Now the Justice's Department's OSI has revived the 22-year old case by bringing a new legal complaint against the Cleveland retiree, claiming he committed atrocities, not at Treblinka, but somewhere else. Commenting on the matter, an official of the Jewish-Zionist ADL recently called the renewed OSI campaign a "matter of justice and the integrity of American citizenship."[5]

What's really behind this campaign?

In 1993, as the case against Demjanjuk was falling apart, an Israeli prosecutor close to the case acknowledged a political motive for continuing the campaign. "So the important thing now is at least to prove that Demjanjuk was part of the Nazi extermination machine...otherwise...we will be making a great contribution to the new world-wide movement of those who deny the Holocaust took place."[6]

California psychology professor Kevin MacDonald has shown how Jewish groups, in attempting to gain approval from gentiles, have often framed their purely parochial interests in terms of universal principles.[7] When Jewish goals are put forth in a frank and honest manner, they are not likely to appeal to the masses of gentiles. Such obviously self-interested Jewish goals would probably alert non-Jews to a conflict of interest between Jews and non-Jews.

With this in mind, I believe, the ADL and OSI made the purely Jewish cause (the renewed campaign against Demjanjuk) appear to be in the interest of justice and all Americans. At the risk of being redundant I will again quote the ADL official. The current campaign against Demjanjuk, he alleged, is a "matter of justice and the integrity of American citizenship." In short, parochial Zionist interests are cloaked in the lofty-sounding rhetoric of morality and patriotism.

The further prosecution of John Demjanjuk will only prolong the undeserved suffering of an elderly man and the entire Demjanjuk family, and possibly exacerbate the already existing tensions between Jews and non-Jews. Another such trial is not in the interests of the American ideal of justice, because it is an example of selective justice--which is in fact injustice. The U.S. government makes no attempt to root out Jewish war criminals, just non-Jewish "war criminals" like Demjanjuk. However, another trial serves the ulterior goals of the ADL and OSI in combating Holocaust revisionism, the latter being a dire threat to the entire Israeli-Zionist juggernaut.

The Jewish owned PLAIN DEALER, with its preponderance of gentiles in highly visible positions of purported authority, likes to present itself as a "fair and unbiased newspaper."

However, when I brought the aforementioned facts to the editorial department's attention, they never responded. When I brought this information to the attention of Elizabeth Sullivan, the paper's foreign affairs correspondent who has attempted to justify the current agenda of the OSI, she also refused to respond to evidence which upsets her belief system. Ms. Sullivan and her editors were even allowed to view this article prior to publication so they could possibly refute what they are being accused of.[8]

On the subject of war criminals in the U.S., bias directed against non-Jews is alive and well at THE PLAIN DEALER--and for a major portion of the mass media as well.

copyright 2000


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