The Bully Persists

by MacKenzie Paine

  Who is Simon Wiesenthal? I ask because he seems to be a very busy man these days, or at least those working in his name are very busy. Every time I log on I seem to have email detailing something or other that Mr. Wiesenthal's Center is involved in. One would think that the namesake for a Museum of Tolerance would be busy promoting tolerance, but such is not the case. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The Simon Wiesenthal Center is actively working to silence organizations around the world, with the cooperation and apparent approval of our own United States Government.

I took my sons to the Museum of Tolerance at the Simon Wiesenthal Center over the weekend. I believe in listening to all sides of a story and wanted to hear the Center's side. At the end of the four-hour tour I was verbally attacked, together with a friend, by an angry mini-mob of high school students. The students used the foulest of foul language, treated us with contempt, frightened my two sons and ended their little outburst by chasing our van out of the underground parking lot. Their teacher was helpless to stop them, although she tried

Admittedly, I brought on the attack by being so bold as to question a "holocaust survivor" who had just delivered a forty-five minute lecture to the room full of students and teachers. I simply asked the survivor, Mrs. Elizabeth Mann, why she had told an entire roomful of impressionable young people that during WWII the Germans made soap out of Jewish corpses, when even the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum says this is not so. She responded that she disagreed with the USHMM. How's that? Differences of opinion are one thing, but arguing in favor of a fact that was never proven and has been dismissed by historians as a falsehood is quite another. Especially when one is addressing students, presumably to educate them, not brainwash them.

I then asked Mrs. Mann why she had told the audience that the gas chamber at Auschwitz was a dual-purpose shower room, which with the flip of a switch could be converted into a homicidal gas chamber. The lethal gas, she had told us, came out of the showerheads. When I pointed out to her that all literature regarding Auschwitz describes a room into which the poison was dropped in granules through holes in the roof, the room erupted into hisses and boos. Mrs. Mann did not have to respond, saved by the booing.

Once outside the lecture hall the students called me over to them and asked me how I could possibly question such a sweet, elderly woman who had suffered so much. They accused me of calling her a liar. I was happy to explain to them, as a mother to my children, that I had not accused her of lying. I had simply questioned some of the things that she had said. I looked out into the group and could see fear in some of the faces, as if they were being confronted by a lunatic with a gun, and I beseeched them to go to the USHMM's website and see for themselves what they say about the soap and Auschwitz. One of the teenagers asked me how I know that soap wasn't made at Auschwitz and my friend, a chemist, told them calmly that it would have been physically impossible to make soap out of human fat in the buildings at Auschwitz. With each of our responses the group became more unruly, sarcastic and bigoted. Rather than ask responsible questions or make clear arguments, they resorted to taunting us, calling my friend a Nazi and telling us to "f*ck off."

That is what happens to young people who journey through the Museum of Tolerance. They become decidedly intolerant of anything critical of Jews, the "holocaust" or Israel. The entire tour was laced with anti-Catholic and anti-Christian innuendo, Mrs. Mann's description of Germans was stereotypically evil and her recollections were so full of inconsistencies as to be laughable, but all of this was lost on the students. They had just spent four hours being set up to accept anything anyone says about Jewish suffering or anti-Semitism

Why are we told that it's wrong to question anything anyone Jewish tells us? Why is it anti-Semitic to ask Jews for proof of their claims, just as we hold non-Jews accountable? Even more important, why are we allowing our children to be brainwashed by the tens of thousands by the likes of people like Simon Wiesenthal?

In case you don't know the background of Mr. Wiesenthal and have bought into the Hollywood image he has created for himself, it's worth noting that, by his own admission, Mr. Wiesenthal was a Communist operative during WWII. His war record is so murky, with so many different "official" accounts that some have been lead to wonder if he didn't collaborate with the Nazis. It would certainly seem that he has something to hide, since the story is rarely told the same way twice. He and the Center which bears his name have a very bad habit of lying. Both have been denounced by Israeli and US Jewish special interest groups. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith has acknowledged that the Wiesenthal Center makes "inaccurate" and "exaggerated claims." In a 1984 internal memorandum, ADL official Justin Finger cited a Center fund-raising letter that is "replete with factual misstatements and exaggerations."(Miles Corwin, "Claims About Anti-Semitic Wave Hit by B'nai B'rith," Los Angeles Times, Dec. 12, 1984.) During the Gulf War, Response, the magazine produced by the SWC, reported that German firms were producing Zyklon B in Iraq to gas Israelis. It was a lie, of course, but they published it.

Even as I write this, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is hard at work trying to have a conference on Revisionism and Zionism blocked by the Lebanese government. They have put pressure on our Congress, which through our ambassadors, has "warned" the Lebanese government against letting the conference take place. Excuse me, but since when does our Congress have the right, the authority or the audacity to demand that a sovereign nation censor its citizens and guests? The Simon Wiesenthal Center claims that the conference will be anti-Semitic. The last I heard, "anti-Semitic" meant anti-Jewish, which means that our government is involved in trying to silence other religious groups (Christian and Muslim) over another. So much for separation of church and state!

I have said this before, but I am going to say it again and again and again. America, we must defend ourselves! Our children are being systematically brainwashed by known liars, our tax dollars are partially paying for this anti-Christian, anti-German, anti-Arab brainwashing and our United States Congress has become an Israeli lap dog. Even the Israelis joke that our Congress is Israeli occupied territory.

Enough is enough! It is time to take back our country. Anyone interested in joining together to form an AMERICAN organization which will speak for AMERICANS of ALL religions, please step forward. It is time to go to Congress and remind them that they are there to work for the people-the American people-for us!


Installed: 07/27/98, 1: 00 AM, PST

Source: The Revisionist, Codoh Series, No. 3, 2001, pp. .
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