How to use this site

The internet is full of material authored by dissenting historians (revisionists) on all sorts of historical topics. Perhaps some 10,000 articles and books are available online today, spread over many websites, and this figure is quickly growing.

So let us assume you are looking for material dealing with a certain historical topic from a critical (revisionist) point of view; or you are looking for the works of a certain author; or you want to know what material is available in a certain language only; or you want an introduction into critical historiography. How do you find it?

That is where comes in. This website's main goal is to make it easy for you to find the material you are looking for. is mainly a database of revisionist material. We do not only post a lot of critical historical material on our own site, but we have setup an actual searchable database which currently includes some 4,500 entries of articles and books available online all over the world.

And here is how it works (provided you did NOT get here via an anynomizing service. If you did, see here for instructions):

  • If you want to know what "Skeptical Historiography"/"Revisionism" is all about, click on the "Intro" button on the navigation bar on top of each webpage of this site, and pick one of the options.

  • If you are looking for certain articles/books, go to our Archive page and follow the instructions.

  • If you want to search our website (or the similarly revisionist site and for certain terms, go to our powerful site search engine.

Because our website grew massively since 1997, it became more and more complicated to navigate.  This is why we created a navigation bar on top of every webpage. Now, you can quickly navigate to wherever you want with just a few mouse clicks.

And since the second biggest revisionist website, focusing also on critical historiography, had similar problems, we managed to install a similar navigation bar on this site as well. So once you get used to it on our site, you will find your way around on as well. Additionally, the navigation bar allows to go to the most important places of many more revisionist sites as well, like,,, and, giving you the impression that all of them are just one website.

Most topics in the navigation bar are pretty much self-explaining. Most of the menu items open pull-down submenus (and even sub-submenus) giving several option to select from.

Here comes a brief description of the items in the navigation bar:


  • "Home Page": Links back to the home.

  • "About Us": Statements of purpose of our website.

  • "Contact Us": How to contact us and other important revisionist sites.

  • "Support Us": If you would like to help us in our noble cause to spread the truth, here you can find out how you can contribute .


  • "Translate": A free translation service for small pieces of text.

  • "Intro": Introduction into revisionism, collections of introductory articles on revisionism, and other material for the beginner.

  • "Books Online": Books and magazine articles available online.

  • "Hot": Links to what we think is the hottest revisionist material.

  • "Index": Author, subject and language Index, from our database.

  • "Censor": Material on censorship, book burning, persecution and prosecution of historical dissenters.

  • "Store": Links to our revisionist online book store.

  • "Links": Link page of to other revisionist websites and other sites of interest.

  • "News": Links to several revisionist news services.

  • "Recent": Links to pages with new postings of several revisionist websites.

  • "Search": Search our database, our website, or others.

  • "Feedback": Links to mailing lists, Codoh Discussion Forum, feedback from the Codoh Campus Project, postings of incoming letters.

  • "Subscribe": A quick link to the most important revisionist email lists you may want to subscribe to, and to our revisionist periodicals (English and Deutsch).

  • "Download": Many books and Journals are available as PDF or Zip files for download. This is a link list of items available. 

And now, it's playtime! Just use the navigation bar as a toy to figure out how it works and where you end up. In case you end up at a website that does not have our navigation bar system, use your browser's "Back" button to return to our site.

And now, have fun!

Germar Rudolf

Anonymizing services like load the content of our pages into their own pages and rewrite all links to keep the content in that frame. Unfortunately, by so doing all scripts and applets with their hidden links have to be disabled since anonymizer cannot change the links imbedded in them. This way, our convenient navigation bar applet on top of each of our thousands of web pages is removed. So you will have to use the links given at the end of each page to go back to where you came from (or your browser's "Back" button), working your way up the web page hierarchy and branch out where ever you want to go by using the links given on each page.
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