News from the section "In Brief" of TR 2/2004

$4,000 Fine for Revisionist Statements

For having published critical remarks about censorship by German authorities in his periodical Deutsche Standpunkte (German positions) and for having endorsed the new Auschwitz victim count in his paper as they were published by Fritjof Meyer (see this issue), German citizen Martin Pape (75) was sentenced to a fine of €3,600. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, 9/9/2003)

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German Authorities Shut Down Websites

The Media Supervision Department of the state government of North-Rhine-Westphalia ordered two Internet service providers to shut down two right-wing websites. The ISPs affected could sue the authorities, but in the past they were always turned down when they tried. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 9/14/2003)

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Confiscation of Historical Reprint

In the fall of 2002, a historical reprint of a 1939 German book with the title Jüdischer Imperialismus (Jewish Imperialism), newly published by Bohlinger Verlag, was confiscated und burned by the German authorities. The book was put on the index of literature to be burned by the occupational powers after the end of World War II. German authorities are still using this largest ever book-burning index as a guideline.

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Absurdities of German Self-Hatred

The memorial grave in the Central Cemetery of Vienna of Major Walter Nowotny, one of the most successful fighter pilots of WWII, is scheduled to be eradicated with the remainders of the hero to be moved, because he fought on the wrong side during that war (Kronen Zeitung, 3/26/2003).

The community Marienfels in the Taunus Mountains (west Germany, north of Frankfurt) demands the demolition of a memorial for the fallen soldiers of the German 1st tank corps of WWII. The only way to prevent this would be if the Kameradschaftsverband, the creator of the memorial, ensures that only members of this association of former soldiers, their relatives and witnesses of historical events are present during ceremonies. (Unabhängige Nachrichten 11/2003, p. 12). With this, the local authorities try to prevent the formation of a hero cult.

The "Rudolf Dietz" elementary school of Naurod (west Germany) has to be renamed, because Dietz turned out to have been a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party and because he wrote poems with some - today unacceptable - political spin. Streets named after Dietz are now awaiting their renaming, too (Neues Deutschland, 8/14/2003).

In 1927, the Austrian Julius Wagner-Jauregg won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his Malaria research. Many streets in Austria carry his name. It has now been discovered, however, that Wagner-Jauregg was not only a member of the NSDAP, but that he also supported forced sterilizations as well as racial views during the Third Reich. (The Scotsman, 1/25/2004). The road sign industry in Germany and Austria is booming.

A hitherto unknown 15-minute speech by Adolf Hitler was discovered in the city archives of Göttingen, Germany. Hitler gave the speech during a election campaign visit in 1932 at a public park in the town. The city archives believed that this was a time document and transferred the speech onto a CD and is selling it for 15 Euros each. Quickly, the Jewish community got wind of it and accused the city of distributing a speech given by "the biggest criminal in German history."

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Germany's National Anthem not Illegal

In Germany it requires the judgment of a court of law to establish that it is not illegal to sing or play the German national anthem. This had become necessary because the German police had confiscated a tape during an assembly in Lüneburg on 11/29/2003, from which the German national anthem had been played in all of its three verses. The owner of the tape sued the authorities. The County Court of Lüneburg granted him the right to play the anthem (12/15/2003, ref. NZS Gs 419/03).

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No Passport for Austrian Revisionist

Because Austrian revisionist Walter Ochensberger was repeatedly sentenced for his revisionist views, the Austrian authorities denied him a new passport (Bezirkshauptmannschaft Bregenz, 7/4/2003, ref. BHBR-III-2003/ 003).

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Revisionist Töben Banned from Europe

While traveling through Europe in April 2004, Australian revisionist Fredrick Töben was informed by Finnish authorities that Germany had issued a note to all members of the European Community not to allow him entry into any EU country because of his revisionist views.

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N. Finkelstein Sued for Criticizing Holocaust Industry

Prof. Norman Finkelstein, Jewish author of The Holocaust Industry, and his publisher are being sued under French law for libel. Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Liaison of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, stated that Finkelstein's book is full of Holocaust revisionism and incitement to anti-Semitism:

"'The Holocaust Industry' presents a great danger. Mr. Finkelstein's thesis is an extremist attack on Jews in general, and American Jews in particular, accusing them of exploiting the suffering of the Shoah as 'a pretext for their crimes in the context of the Middle-East conflict.' This thesis, so close to that of Roger Garaudy [a French Holocaust revisionist] today constitutes the principal credo of modern anti-Semitism. With particularly acute intellectual perversity, Finkelstein exploits his own Jewish antecedents in order to attack, as 'racist,' specific Jewish leaders, their organizations and the Jewish people. I am convinced that, as in the aforementioned Garaudy trial, only a judicial penalty will contain the damage wreaked by this particularly offensive libel." (Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles, 3/26/2004)

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Gibson defends father over Holocaust

Mel Gibson has defended his father over claims he is a Holocaust revisionist. Hutton Gibson has publicly doubted that six million Jews died during the Second World War (see TR 2/03, p. 122f.). In an interview with Reader's Digest, Braveheart star Mel said he would not hear any criticism of his father:

"My dad taught me my faith and I believe what he taught me. The man never lied to me in his life. He lost his mother at two years of age. He lost his father at 15. He went through the Depression. He signed up for World War Two, served his country fighting the forces of fascism. Came back, worked very hard physically, raised a family, put a roof over my head, clothed me, fed me, taught me my faith, loved me. I love him back. So I'll slug it out, until my heart is black and blue, if anyone ever tries to hurt him."

Asked directly if he believed the Holocaust happened, Gibson replied:

"I have friends and parents of friends who have numbers on their arms. The guy who taught me Spanish was a Holocaust survivor. Yes, of course. Atrocities happen. War is horrible. World War Two killed tens of millions of people. Some of them were Jews in concentration camps. In the Ukraine, several million starved to death between 1932 and 1933." (Ananova, 2/3/2004)

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European Conference Wants more Holocaust Propaganda

In late April 2004, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe held a conference in Berlin aimed at combating anti-Semitism. For the U.S., Secretary of State Colin L. Powell attended the conference. Considering the allegedly increasing anti-Semitism in the world, U.S. Helsinki Commission Chairman Christopher Smith stated:

"Holocaust remembrance and tolerance education must dramatically expand, and we need to ensure that our respective laws punish those who hate and incite violence against Jews." (

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Attempts to Muffle Teacher Critical of Homosexuality

Because he criticized homosexuality in letters to the editor to various papers between 1997 and 2000, Christ Kempling, a teacher in Quesnel, B.C., should be remanded to one month's leave without pay, so ruled B.C.'s College of Teachers. Kempling's exercising of his freedom of speech outside of his school is claimed to potentially interfere with his teaching, although there is no evidence for this so far. Kempling has appealed to the B.C. Supreme Court. (Vancouver Sun, 4/23/2003)

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9/11 Revisionism is Hate, Jews Say

The Simon Wiesenthal Center's new report on "hate websites" also includes sites, which discuss alternative theories of what happened on 9/11/2001. (AP, 4/21/2004)

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Faked Anti-Semitism

On March 9, 2004, Professor Kerry Dunn of McKenna College, Claremont, found her car vandalized and spray-painted with racist and anti-Semitic slurs. The professor claimed that it was in her response to announcing that she was converting to become a Jew. Campus leader shut down the college for a day for a number of anti-hate rallies and the FBI was called in for investigation. The Anti-Defamation League posted in on their website and put a meeting together to teach about hate and anti-Semitism.

On March 19, however, several media outlets announced that Professor Dunn's "hate-crime" was a hoax, staged by herself. Two witnesses identified the professor as the person who slashed her own tires and spray-painted racist graffiti on her car. (The Mercury News, 3/19/04) Prof. Dunn now faces criminal charges.

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U.S. Film Forgery on NS Extermination Camps

During the 1930s and 1940s, Jack Glenn was a journalist for the U.S. film series "March of Time," which served to "enlighten" the U.S. population politically. After a film team sent to Germany by Glenn in 1938 returned without being able to report about any cruelties, Glenn simply had a "Nazi extermination camp" with gas chambers and lots of horror erected in a studio on Staten Island. This was first revealed in February 1981 by the Sunday Report by means of an AP press release on the estate of the then deceased Glenn. (Opposition, 6/2001, p. 51)

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John Kerry Plots against James Moran

Because he blew the whistle on the Jewish nature of America's war in Iraq, Rep. James Moran came under massive fire in early 2003 (see TR 2/2003, p. 10). Now democratic presidential candidate John Kerry plots together with the local Jewish community to defeat Moran in his attempt to have an eighth term in Congress. To achieve this, Kerry backs Moran's competitor Andrew Rosenberg, who also has the support of Robert M. Shrum, Steven A. Elmendorf, and Steven Grossman, all top advisers to Mr. Kerry. (The Washington Times, 3/26/2004)

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Holocaust - Truth or Error in German Media

"Raul Hilberg [...] and [German historian Prof.] Ernst Nolte [...] agree that one should read the eyewitness accounts of the celebrated Elie Wiesel only with utmost critical distance. Hilberg's so far latest book, the great old-age work 'Sources of Holocaust Research,' quietly abandoned some of the most famous, but obviously also least reliable witnesses like Kurt Gerstein and Jan Karski. Thus, the denier and the propagandist are complementary figures of our time."

This quote is from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's most renowned daily, of 10/7/2003, p. L 37. Regarding Hilberg's greatness compare Graf's review in TR 3/2003, pp. 344-350. In the same newspaper of 1/24/2004, one could read in the table of contents (p. 1):

"An archival discovery proves: Hitler gave the order to kill the French Jews."

On page 33 one finds the reproduction of a note by, which reads in part:

"to point 3): The Führer has given the order that the Jews and other enemies in France are to be arrested and deported. But this is to happen only after he talked to Laval about it. This is about 6 - 700,000 Jews."

In this regard, the same paper published the following letter to this editor on 3/4/2003, p. 48:

"The document in question [...] can already be found on pp. 241f. in the documentation 'Die faschistische Okkupationspolitik in Frankreich (1940-1944)' (part of the series 'Europa unterm Hakenkreuz'), edited by Ludwig Nestler and Friedel Schulz and published in 1990 in the GDR [East Germany], with reference to the Staatsarchiv Potsdam, film no. 3609. Thus, this discovery, presented by the 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung' as a sensation - which, by the way, does not contain an order for the Judeocide - was not unknown to German historiography."

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Criticizing Official Acknowledgment of Genocide

In December 2003, the Swiss Parliament, as the 15th parliament worldwide, officially acknowledged as a historical fact that Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians during WWI. In Switzerland's most renowned newspaper Neue Züricher Zeitung, historian Jörg Fisch of the University Zürich harshly criticized this decision on 12/21/2003:

"The parliament can determine what is supposed to be. But it cannot determine what is, more accurately, what is true."

Then this historian lists arguments, which are all very familiar to Holocaust revisionists:

"The question whether or not genocide was committed in Armenia in 1915 is a historical issue or, put more emphatically, is an issue of historical truth. To determine truth, there are certain processes in place. They do not rest upon majority resolutions, but they are formed by a complicated scientific process, in which arguments, logic, and evidentiary techniques are connected. Such a process is never really concluded. Each case can reoccur after a while in new light, because new facts or new arguments are introduced. Certainty can turn into uncertainty, uncertainty into certainty, and no person and no party can say how this issue will develop in future."

For the evaluation of "so-called unshakable facts," Fisch continues, no parliament is or could, as a body of the authorities, be responsible for this, "except if they understand themselves as religious authorities in a traditional sense, who define what their subjects are supposed to believe." True words, indeed! If Prof. Fisch had written the same about the claimed Holocaust against the Jews, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung wouldn't have printed it; he would have had to publish it in a maverick publication, and he probably would have already lost his teaching position.

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Nietzsche Died of Cancer, not Syphilis

Dr. Leonard Sax, director of the Montgomery Center for Research in Child Development in Maryland, showed that the story of Nietzsche having caught syphilis from prostitutes was concocted after WWII by Wilhelm Lange-Eichbaum, an academic who was one of Nietzsche's most vociferous critics. Despite the lack of documentary or medical evidence, the allegation has since been repeated without question by generations of academics. Nietzsche's notes show no signs of the symptoms of syphilis, such as an expressionless face and slurred speech. Whereas 90% of all syphilis victims died within five years of diagnosis in the late 19th century, Nietzsche lived for another 11 years. Reporting his findings in the Journal of Medical Biography, Sax argues that a more plausible diagnosis would have been that the philosopher was suffering from a slowly-developing brain tumor. This would account for both Nietzsche's collapse and the migraines and visual disturbances he suffered. (Daily Telegraph, May 4, 2003)

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Updated: April 30, 2004

Source: The Revisionist 2(2) (2004), pp. 238-240.

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