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Repressed Memory Syndrome Un-Repressed

The popular 1980-90s repressed memory therapy that caused children to accuse their parents of sexual abuse, will now be subject of an inquiry. ABC TV’s Stateline aired a program that has prompted the Victorian state government to commence the investigation. Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson told Stateline it was easy to install a false memory in someone [except in Holocaust survivors, of course, editor], and the practice of repressed memory therapy deserved to be the subject of an inquiry:

"One of the problems is that some practitioners who engage in this kind of therapy, contrary to the evidence, believe in it. They call themselves true believers and think they are doing wonderful things, but in fact what they are doing is very risky and sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons – not therapeutic, but to make a buck."

But Michael, who did not reveal his surname and is a representative of Advocates For Survivors of Child Abuse, told Stateline repressed memory therapist practitioners’ interests were in discharging their professional responsibilities competently so they could stay in business:

"I’m darn sure that any therapist is not going to consciously and deliberately malpractice in an area where there is such controversy and so much potential for damage." (July 23, 2004, ABC News/AAP)

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Australia Grabs the Spamming Nettle

Anthony Wing of the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) claims that Australia’s April 2004 legislation has stopped most offensive and pornographic spamming activity on the Internet:

"People are still seeing the majority of spam which is coming into their inboxes from overseas. The next step, of course, is to work internationally to get other countries around the world and especially safe havens to shut down the spammers in their countries. […] Ultimately when enough countries have passed laws, the few remaining ones will come under enormous pressure because companies and ISPs of the rest of the world will start refusing to deal with them." (ABC News, July 22, 2004)

On the downside, such international actions could also be directed against websites and services unwanted by the powers that be.

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New Zealand’s Israeli Spy Scandal Continues

Two Israelis, Uriel Zoshe Kelman and Eli Cara, received six months prison sentences after pleading guilty for attempting fraudulently to obtain New Zealand passports. A third man, Zev William Barkan, the alleged mastermind behind this action, left New Zealand for Australia before police could arrest him. Barkan has been employed by the Israeli foreign ministry around the world. Professor Ralph Pettman of Wellington’s Victoria University said:

"That is direct evidence that this is Israeli state involvement, whether Mossad or the diplomatic corps."

After last Thursday’s verdict, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark announced that the two had operated "on behalf of the intelligence services of Israel," and proceeded to freeze all high-level contacts with Israel. (Reuters, July 22, 2004) On 19 July Israel’s daily Ha’aretz stated:

"In order to contain the damage that has been caused, it would be appropriate for the government to hurry and apologize and provide the explanations that the government of New Zealand is demanding."

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Napoleon’s Cause of Death Revised – the Cure Did it!

Although the official version claims Napoleon Bonaparte died age 51 of stomach cancer on May 5, 1821, on St Helena, French research indicates that he may have been killed by a daily enema that slowly poisoned him. A lock of his hair analyzed in 2001 found traces of arsenic, but according to an article in the British weekly New Scientist, forensic pathologist Steven Karch at the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Department states that Napoleon’s death was by "Medical misadventure." Napoleon would receive daily enemas: "They used really big, nasty syringe-shaped things." This, together with antimony potassium tartrate to induce vomiting, would cause a potassium shortage, which in turn would cause "torsades de pointes," preventing a regular blood flow to his brain. However, that alone would not have caused his death, but what did was a 600-milligram dose of a purgative mercuric chloride that would have lowered his potassium levels. Two days later he was dead. (Agence France Presse, July 22, 2004)

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Chess Champ Bobby Fischer Seeks Asylum in Japan

After trying to leave Japan on an invalid passport for the Philippines, former world chess champion, Bobby Fischer, was detained by Japanese officials at Narita Airport executing a US extradition order. Fischer is wanted in the U.S. for playing a rematch against Russian world champion Boris Spassky in Serbia in 1992, which was then under international sanctions. Fischer thus violated the International Economic Powers Act and Executive Order 12810. Fischer is also known for his virulent anti-U.S. stance. Commenting on the 9/11 tragedy, he said:

"This is all wonderful news. I applaud the act. The U.S. and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians, just slaughtering them for years. Robbing and slaughtering them … Now it’s coming back to the U.S."

(Chicago Tribune, July 17, 2004; AP, July 22, 2004)

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Media Liars: Jewish Confessions

Jewish student journalists proclaimed that they have to be Jews first, then journalists, when it comes to keeping criticism against Jews and Israel out of the media. (Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, Nov. 23, 2001)

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Israel’s Wall: World Court Judgment and UN Resolution

The General Assembly voted 150-6, with 10 abstentions, and all 25 members of the European Union supported the declaration that Israel’s apartheid wall was illegal. "Building of the fence will go on," Raanan Gissin, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Reuters. He said Israel was not surprised by the nonbinding UN decision, calling it a "tyranny of the majority" in the General Assembly. Nabil Abu Rudeina, an aide to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, hailed the General Assembly’s decision as a "victory for the Palestinian people. The UN Security Council must now take steps to implement the General Assembly’s decision to remove the wall," he said. The resolution, like the World Court ruling, has only symbolic weight. (Jordan Times, July 22, 2004)

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Holocaust Denial Overseas Will be a Crime in Israel

Holocaust denial committed overseas would be an offense under Israeli legal jurisdiction and serve as grounds for extradition under legislation that is expected to pass a first reading in the Knesset this week. But the bill is unlikely to be anything more than declarative in nature. Countries that do not have laws against Holocaust denial are unlikely to extradite citizens to be tried in Israel for the crime, although Israel’s protective measure would not require such a law to be on their books, according to Justice Ministry officials. Another problem is the fact that Holocaust denial is a crime of expression, and most countries treat such crimes liberally. (Jerusalem Post, July 19, 2004)

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Anti-Semitism a Crime in Israel

Moves are afoot in Israel to create a special court that would try so-called anti-Semitic crimes. Politician Eliezer Cohen claims that the International Court of Justice in the Hague has failed to deal with anti-Semitism and any other crimes against the Jews. "The hatred of Jews today, which is being promoted by wicked incitement, is no less than during past generations", he said. Under this proposed law, anti-Semitic crimes would be prosecuted in Israel no matter where they were perpetrated. (Maariv International, July 21, 2004)

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Ariel Sharon and S. Klarsfeld Urge Jews to Leave France

The alleged rise in anti-Semitism in France can best be thwarted by Jews leaving the country. "One of the lessons of the Holocaust is that even if you want to fight against a wave of anti-Semitism, the best [thing] is to leave if you can," Klarsfeld said during a visit to Israel. The French government sees the increase in attacks against the 600,000 Jews in France by mainly a second and third generation of violent Muslims, of which there are 6 million in France. Klarsfeld said history has proven it would have been best "had the Jews of Poland and the Jews of Austria left Europe when they could have." (Jerusalem Post, June 19, 2004) Klarsfeld’s comments were followed by a similar statement by Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon a month later, which caused some diplomatic tension between France and Israel. (Daily Telegraph, July 19, 2004)

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‘Anti-Semitic’ Attack Fabricated

A 23-year old French woman claimed on July 9, 2004, that a gang of six youths attacked her on a suburban train outside Paris, slashing her clothes and drawing swastikas on her stomach after mistaking her for being a Jewess. The woman later admitted to "having made knife cut marks on herself, cut off a lock of her own hair and drawn swastikas on her body," a police report stated. Investigators said closed-circuit cameras at the station northeast of Paris where the woman said the attackers had left the train did not show the six youths. The woman has been placed in preventive detention for falsely reporting a crime. She could face up to six months in prison and a 7,500-euro (9,200-dollar) fine if tried and convicted. (AFP, July 14, 2004)

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British Tory Leader a Holocaust Liar

British Tory leader Michael Howard claims his paternal grandparents died in Auschwitz, and his aunt survived the gas chamber:

"While at Auschwitz she had been in a gas chamber three times and for various reasons – once they actually ran out of gas – had got out to tell the tale." (Independent, July 3, 2004)

Michael Howard’s tale resembles that of Moshe Peer who told a similar story of his six-fold survival of gassings as a child in the non-existing gas chamber of Bergen-Belsen camp (The Gazette, Montreal, August 5, 1993). Howard is either ignorant or a liar – but probably both.

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Wall Street Journal: Little Forensic Evidence for Holocaust

The Auschwitz-Museum is about to turn the ruins of the Birkenau crematories, which have been forgotten and neglected since the end of the war, into memorials, for which these material traces refuting the Holocaust will have to undergo some kind of manipulation = tampering. The Wall Street Journal wrote about it

"[…] there is little forensic evidence proving homicidal intent. […] The dearth of hard evidence has fueled a growth industry in Holocaust-denial.

The revisionists’ plaint is simple: They demand a proverbial ‘smoking gun’ to prove that the Nazis deliberately and systematically designed an industrial system of extermination. They do not deny that millions of European Jews died from malnutrition, exhaustion and disease. They do not even deny that Zyklon B gas was employed at Auschwitz, but they claim it was used for delousing rather than homicidal purposes." (Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2004)

Revisionists do indeed demonstrate that not millions of Jews died in the area under German control, but hundreds of thousands. Revisionists further demand that material traces of a claimed crime are not tampered with and turned into memorials, but are analyzed with state-of-the-art technologies to determine facts and dispel myths.

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Christopher Browning’s Latest Book: "Euphoria" Did it!

Neil Ascherson’s review of Christopher Browning’s latest book, The Origins of the Final Solution, is dated and redundant, as is Browning’s own effort in explaining world history during 1933-45. This is because without a reference to Professor Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Judaism, any explanation will remain unbalanced and follow the well-worn path of Judeo-centric victimology that placed Hitler’s ‘hatred for the Jews’ as the motivational force that caused this world conflict. Naturally, as was also evident in the recent US reports on the 9/11 tragedy, the role of Judaism’s aims and objectives is swept under the carpet, is claimed not to exist, and anyone daring to postulate such is immediately branded an "anti-Semite" – not to mention those who prove that there was no such thing like "the Holocaust." No wonder Browning claims it was the abstract noun "euphoria" that caused what he calls "The Final Solution." After Hilberg’s mind-reading now Browing’s euphoria. Where are you, euphoria? (Observer, May 23, 2004)

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Wiesenthal Center’s ‘Last Chance’ Hunt for ‘Nazis’

The much publicized search for alleged octogenarian soldiers who fought in World War Two is set to begin on September 21, 2004. The Jerusalem-based head of the Wiesenthal Center, Dr Efraim Zuroff, is offering US$10,000 for each ‘war criminal’ turned in. Similar actions will also run in Austria, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine and Argentina. The deputy head of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, which oversees the prosecution of war criminals, Witold Kulesza, said Poland should not be included in "Operation Last Chance." He says the country has been consistently committed to prosecuting war criminals since the end of the war, and has successfully convicted a number of ‘perpetrators’ of the ‘Holocaust.’ (BBC News Online, June 16, 2004)

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‘Nazi Hunter’ Wiesenthal Given Knighthood

Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal has been given a honorary knighthood to for a "lifetime of service to humanity" by helping bring Holocaust perpetrators to justice, the UK Foreign Office says. (Reuters, June 19, 2004)

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USA to Deport 80-Year-Old Ukrainian

Jakiw Palij, who had come to the US after the war and acquired US citizenship, was recently stripped of it because he was a guard at the Trawniki labor camp. On June 9, 2004, US Immigration Court judge Robert Owen ordered Palij’s deportation to Ukraine. Federal prosecutors from the OSI did not directly accuse Palij of participating in any killings, but said his position as a guard made the killings possible. (Forest Hills Ledger, June 17, 2004)

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German Court: 95-Year-Old Man too Old for Prison

The German Federal Supreme Court in Leipzig, Germany’s second highest court, overturned a 2002 conviction by the Hamburg district court and ruled that Friedrich Engel, 95, is too old for a new trial. He was charged with having been involved in a shooting of 59 Italian prisoners in a reprisal act for a bomb attack by partisans on German soldiers. Engel claimed he watched the execution on orders. (Reuters, June 27, 2004)

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Estonian War Veterans Dare to Celebrate

On July 6 the Estonian Freedom Fighters Association organized its 12th annual event in Tallinn, to which over 1500 Estonian World War II veterans attended and celebrated the 60th anniversary of their fight against Soviet Union forces. Usual Jewish groups, including a Rabbi from Russia, protested because not one of the former SS soldiers has been prosecuted for allegedly committing crimes against the Jewish people. (Radio Free Europe, July 22, 2004)

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Last German Prisoner of War Back Home

At age 80 the last German prisoner of war came back from Russia. Teacher Franz Steeg was taken prisoner in 1943 by the Soviets. In 1950 he married a girl he met in a Soviet forced labor camp. After his release, the Soviets refused to let him leave the country. After the Soviet Union collapsed, Steeg, then 70, did not dare to apply for a visa. It required the aid by German researchers who found documents about his case in Russian archives to initiate his repatriation. He came back in July 2002 together with his granddaughter Svetlana. (AFP, July 13, 2002)

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Controversial Belzec Memorial Opened

Belzec Memorial in Poland

Long forgotten and hidden in eastern Poland, the former Belzec transit camp has now its own memorial, where the death of up to 600,000 Jews is commemorated, who are claimed to have been killed there between 1942 and 1943 – even though forensic research conducted in the late 1990s has shown that these claims are exaggerated probably by the factor of 100,000 (see C. Mattogno, Belzec, T&DP 2004). Because the construction of the memorial allegedly desecrates Jewish remains, the Polish government faces a lawsuit filed by some U.S. Jews. (JTA, June 3, 2004) The construction of yet another holy site of the HoloHoax sure destroyed some forensic evidence and will prevent any further future investigation.

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‘Holocaust’ Monument in Belarus

On July 18, 2004, a ‘Holocaust’ monument was opened by a ceremony attended by the ambassador of the U.S., Germany, French, and other nations. (AP, July 18, 2004)

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Denmark Pressured to Investigate WWII Collaboration

60 years after the war the Danish government is under pressure to set up a "truth commission" to investigate German war crimes following publication of a book revealing the extent, to which ordinary Danes collaborated with German units slandered as "death squads" during the Second World War. (Independent, June 16, 2004)

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‘Holocaust Survivors’ Sued for not Paying Commission

Holocaust survivors who signed up with a company submitting claims to Germany on their behalf are now being sued by Yaffa Golan Investments and Finances Ltd. for not paying the 10% commission it demanded for representing them. Eran Huppert, attorney for two of the defendants, claims the company acted illegally and took advantage of the helplessness of his clients, who are in poor health. Yaffa Golan claims the defendants are "opportunists" seeking a chance to avoid paying the company’s fee. And so it goes on… (Haaretz, July 16, 2004)

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In-Vitro Fertilization Hampered by Hitler

Because of Germany’s Hitler paranoia, German lawmakers and scientists do not dare doing reasonable research into genetic health and fertility issues. Futile attempts of coming to terms with a past that will not pass – the shadows of Third Reich eugenics, euthanasia and racial research – was also the issue of an address given at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin by Professor Rolf Winau. (BBC News Online, June 28, 2004) No wonder German science is falling by the wayside.

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Cinema Advertisement with Hitler Painting

Japanese commercials advertising the Toshiba movie "Max" about a Jewish art dealer who was a close friend of Hitler during WWI lasted only a few days. Because a Hitler painting was used in it, Jewish protest led to a quick cancellation. (Die Gemeinde, Vienna, March 2004).

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Greek Journalist Accuses Jews of Muzzling Free Speech

Kostas Betinakis, a former foreign editor of Greece’s largest newspaper Ta Nea, accused Greek Jews of being puppets of the Israeli government and of censoring criticism of Israeli policies. Jewish pressure groups accused Greeks of anti-Semitism because of their critical stance against Israeli oppressive policies, which were also depicted in several drastic cartoons. As a reaction, Jewish groups threatened a boycott of the Greek Olympics. (JTA, May 24, 2004)

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Jews Relentless In Pursuit of Internet Censorship

A highly recommended paper listing a growing series of Jewish attempts to censor the internet – a prospect of what is to come – was published by Jeff Hook in the National Vanguard (

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Irving’s New Zealand Visit under Threat

The Jewish community has asked the Government to keep controversial author David Irving out of the country. (New Zealand Herald, July 17, 2004) They succeeded.

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Book Burning in Finland

Finish public prosecutors want to confiscate and burn the Finish translation of Robert Wilton’s book The Last Days of the Romanovs, which includes revealing data about the Jewish origin of the communist revolution in Russia in 1917/18 (you can order the English version from CHP). A new preface added to this Finnish edition is the reason for this act of censorship, since it sweepingly blames Jews for many calamities in mankind’s history. (Helsingin Sanomat, January 27, 2004)

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Radio Station Closed by Canadian Authorities

Canadian authorities refused to renew the license of the Quebec City Radio Station CHOI, among others because the station’s commentator Andre Arthur had remarked that many African students at Laval University are children of dictators. When the radio station brought forth evidence that this was true, they were told that truth is no defense.

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Zündel Case Reaches Crisis Point

One of the world’s veteran Revisionists, Ernst Zündel, imprisoned since February 5, 2003, continues to languish in a cell in Toronto’s Detention Centre. Proceedings before judge Pierre Blais have been marked by the judge’s arbitrary decisions. Defense counsel Peter Lindsay’s various motions have been dismissed, he has been excluded from privileged information emerging out of secret meetings, and the judge’s final decision cannot be appealed. Defense counsel’s move to contest this in Canada’s Supreme Court may be set down after Judge Blais has made his decision on the matter thus making the Supreme Court action irrelevant. The last haring date set so far is on Sept. 15, which would enable the judge to send Ernst Zündel to Germany the next day.

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French Revisionist’s Prison Term Doubled

In his appeal, the prison term handed down against French revisionist Vincent Reynouard, 34, for distributing the film The Tragedy of Oradour-sur-Glane: 50 Years of Official Lies was doubled from one year to two years on June 10, 2004, of which 18 are suspended (cf. TR 1/2004, p. 118). The fine to be paid to survivors was reduced from €10,000 to €1,000. (The Scotsman, June 10, 2004)

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German Lawyer Banned from Practicing

On April 8, 2004, the German County Court Berlin-Tiergarten banned German lawyer Horst Mahler from practicing law. Mahler is currently on trial in Germany for his revisionist views. Because he continued to make revisionist remarks during his pleadings (incitement to hatred under German law) and due to his ongoing accusations against the German governmental system (denigration of the German constitution), the court decided that he is unfit to serve as a lawyer. (ref. 351 Gs 745/04) In the meantime, two con-spirators of Mahler (Ursula Haverbeck and E.O. Cohrs) have been sentenced to a fine of some $4,000 by the county court Bad Oeynhausen.

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German Government Goes Nuts over Music CDs

German police raided 333 homes in Germany in search of music CDs containing outlawed right-wing music. A total of 342 persons are being prosecuted for this. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, March 25, 2004) A few months later, schools in the Germany were flooded with some 250,000 free CDs containing right-wing music with titles like "project schoolyard," "adaptation is cowardice," or "songs from the underground." The German government now floods German schools with leaflets to counter this music campaign.

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Prosecuted for Wearing Military Decoration

In protest against the demolition of a WWII veterans’ memorial in West Germany, some old German WWII veterans assembled with their Military decorations. One of the veterans, Otto Riehs, had his home raided by the German police and is now facing criminal charges for wearing his "Ritterkreuz" (knight’s cross), because there is a swastika on it. (Deutsche Stimme, April 2004, p. 11)

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German Authorities Blind on the Left

Whereas German authorities claim they can do nothing to prevent a left-wing grass root initiative to collect and publish personal details of right-wingers (Die Welt, Feb. 3, 2004), a similar initiative by a right-wing organization to collect personal details of left-wingers was swiftly declared illegal, the right-wing organization banned (Neues Deutschland, Jan. 26, 2004).

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German Army can Fire Patriots

Since the German army depends on loyal soldiers, the German Federal Civil Court decided that it can exclude soldiers from service who are members of a patriotic party, in that case of the modestly right-wing Republikaner (loyal, Sept. 2003). Thus, if German soldiers are not allowed to be patriots, they all have to be traitors!

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Berliner Zeitung Opposes German Censorship Law

The leading newspaper of Germany’s capital Berlin criticized German law prohibiting Holocaust revisionism:

"This prohibition protects […] a value which has been unknown in the history of law for good reasons: a historical image proscribed by the government. […]

It does not serve the truth if the truth is put down in law books instead of in the heads of the citizens. Truth is not served if it must be believed, not because it is irrefutable, but because it is ordered. […] if governments take charge of writing history, leaving historiography not up to society but stipulating it by penal laws, then this does not tell us anything about this historical truth, but everything about such governments […]."

In order to get away with such criticism, this article spreads the calculated lie by Jewish author Peter that revisionists would claim that Auschwitz never existed:

"The government intervenes a second time in the same matter: first to build Auschwitz and to let it operate, and a second time to punish everyone who claims that it did not exist."

This article also finds the exact determination of the Auschwitz victims with mathematical equations repulsive:

"[…] the mathematical equations used by paleo- and neo-Nazis to ‘down-calculate’ the number of victims may be repulsive […]"

It seems that the author of this article hates math, the inescabable logic of which he wants to escape by slandering those mathematicians as "neo-Nazis." It is the exact opposite: Those exaggerated, deceptive, untrue victim numbers of 9, 4, and 1.5 million, invented and spread by Poles, Communists, and Jews all over the world, are repulsive. (Berliner Zeitung, April 27, 2004)

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German Army Professor Endorses Torture

Torture as an emergency measure against terrorists is legitimate according to professor Michael Wolffsohn, historian at the University of the German Army in Munich:

"We will fail if we use Gentleman methods to fight terrorism. […] As one of the means against terrorists I consider torture or the threat of it as legitimate, indeed." (AP, May 5, 2004, Spiegel, May 11, 2004)

The German penal law, however, outlaws the use of torture (§343). Prof. Wolffsohn is Jewish.

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Herero Lawsuit against Germany Undeliverable

Washington has refused to deal with a lawsuit the Herero tribe in Namibia intended to file against Germany. They want to get 2 billion dollars in reparation for the quenching of the Herero uprising against their German colonial masters in 1904. Now the Hereros look for diplomatic support to enable them to sue Germany (Spiegel, Feb. 9, 2004).

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Updated: July 27, 2004

Source: The Revisionist 2(3) (2004), pp. 357-360.

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