The "Mommy" Mommsen Show

By David Brockschmidt



It was 10:55 a.m. on the crisp Adelaide winter morning of 12 July, 1999. Lecture room number 723 at Adelaide University was filling fast. Germanyís second most-famous historian was rehearsing his lines. Todayís show was "The Holocaust and German National Identity" Ė both terms being interchangeable.

Scene 1

Peter Monteith, locally-famous historian, wheels into the room a certain Professor Hans (Mommy) Mommsen, Germanyís second most-famous historian. Suddenly Monteith sees the dreaded face of revisionist crusader David Brockschmidt, who is holding the even more dreaded Adelaide Institute pamphlets. The dignified local historian grabs the elderly Professor (Mommy) Mommsen, wheels him into a side room, and slams the door. Then Peter Monteith, thinking the old boy forgot his hearing aid in Germany, shouts:

"Professor Mommsen, that is David Brockschmidt in the lecture room. He is a Holocaust Denier."

A loud, piercing, womanish shriek emits from a unidentified throat. The Professor is not familiar with the Brockschmidt name. Monteith shouts again,

"You must have heard of the Toben case?"

Germanyís second most-famous historian replies,

"Yes, indeed, I am familiar with the Toben Case."

The locally-famous historian begs,

"Is it possible to defer your lecture to another time and room?"

He adds that Security has been called.

Professor (Mommy) Mommsen, not wanting to return another time, creeps back into the lecture room. I introduce myself by handing him my Adelaide Institute business card and some revisionist material. I tell Professor Mommsen I came to see if he will bridge the gap between historical fact and public belief. I add that the locally-famous historian lied when he said I was a holocaust denier. I invite him to my home for a private conversation. He does not accept my offer.

I begin passing out historical material to the students, much to the chagrin of Peter Monteithís overweight bodyguard, who is squeezed into an Adelaide University shirt and tie. He vainly tries to block the students from accepting our material and gasps:

"This is not university material. This is not our material."

But the receptive students accept the material and respond with comments like:

"Iíve never heard about this before"


"This is from official historical sources, not just revisionists."

I advise the students to maintain their right to question official versions of history and to protect this right as laid down in the Magna Charta and the Imperial Bill of Rights.

"Donít let Talmudic law take away your right to freedom of speech in Australia. Dr Tobenís imprisonment in Germany is a warning to all that the enemies of freedom of speech are active in Europe and Australia."

Scene 2

As I leave the building, two university security guards head up. They are outfitted with police clubs, handcuffs, and what appears to be poison capsicum gas. I canít resist mocking them and say that six big neo-Nazis are up there with baseball bats and one of them is reading from Adolf Hitlerís Mein Kampf.

"Shit, they told us itís only one Nazi." Ė says one guard.

I add that the intruders are hiding in the womenís toilets. I say the fellow with the Adelaide University shirt and tie is the gang leader.

The point of my joking is that one can say anything about valid historical revisionists, and many people unquestionably believe it. But the tide is turning. The intelligent students were receptive to our material. They are seeing through the absurdity of the politically-correct Holocaust History as promoted by government historians such as Peter Monteith and Professor Hans (Mommy) Mommsen.

It is 11:20 a.m. and I walk out into the sun. It is a beautiful morning in Adelaide. The sun shines into my eyes and into my heart. But I feel pity; pity for the burnt-out University professors who publicly trot out a "Holocaust History" which in private they admit is untrue.

Source: The Revisionist 2(3) (2004), pp. 324f.

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