The Revisionist

Title page TR 3/2004

Volume 2 · Issue 3 · August 2004


Revisionism is in Trouble – or is it?, by Germar Rudolf, p. 242

On the Progress and Propagation of Holocaust Revisionism, by Germar Rudolf, p. 243

Where Does the Star of David Come from?, by Dr. Israel Shahak†, p. 249

The Great Soviet Space Bamboozle, by F. G. Kausch, p. 250

Sinti and Roma – Yarns, Legends, and Facts, by Dr. Otward Müller, p. 254

Franz Olah, Key Witness against the Existence of Gas Chambers, by Thomas Ryder, Ph.D., p. 259

Two Times Dachau, by Ingrid Weckert, p. 260

The Morgues of the Crematoria at Birkenau in the Light of Documents, by Carlo Mattogno,
Part I, p. 271
Part II, p. 279
Part III, p. 283
Part IV, p. 289

1972: A Somewhat Different Auschwitz Trial, by Dipl.-Ing. Walter Lüftl, p. 294

Engineer’s Deathbed Confession: We Built Morgues, not Gas Chambers, by Werner Rademacher, p. 296

The New Face of the “Holocaust”, by Markus Springer, p. 297

Weapons Industry: Source of Terrorism, by Charles Mercieca, Ph.D., p. 300

The Holocaust, the Left, and the Warmongers, by Patrick S. McNally, p. 302

Does North Korea have “Nazi Gas Chambers?”, by Paul Grubach, p. 312

About Vampire Killers and Nincompoop, by Israel Shamir, p. 313

On Anti-Semitism and Superhumans, by Israel Shamir, p. 316

Pyrrhic Victory over Revisionism, by Claus Nordbruch, Ph.D., p. 322

Neo-Nazi Go to the Dogs!, by Yoke Satyr, p. 324

The “Mommy” Mommsen Show, by David Brockschmidt, p. 324

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Letters to the Editor, p. 353

In Brief, p. 357