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Motto: I dared. (Ullrich von Hutten)
Strengths: stubbornness, ambition, diligence, self-discipline, faithfulness, sense of justice, impulsiveness
Weaknesses: stubbornness, ambition, diligence, impulsiveness


Frederick the Great, all despised heroes
Hobbies: bicycling, sailing, rowing, hang gliding, computers, aggravating history professors, receiving friends
Preferences: clear speaking, well-founded argumentation, juristic tolerance of differing opinions, fruit juice, milk products, large beds, mild climate, rugged landscapes, altruism, healthy asceticism
Aversions: intrigues, indecisiveness, lack of will, humanitarian hypocrites, alcohol, smokers, treeless flat country, tedium, egoism, hedonism

In Fall 1964, when it all began ...
29th October 1964
Germar Rudolf in 1964 (43 KB)
Germar Rudolf in 1965 (38 KB) Sporty ...
... and inclined to pranks,
to the dismay of the authorities ...
Germar Rudolf in 1966 (48 KB)
Germar Rudolf in 1972 (39 KB) 1972: a fine lad ...
... 10 years later,
a glimmer of mischief in his eyes ...

(greatly enlarged section of a photo shot and developed in the photo lab of the Leib
niz Gymnasium at Remscheid by the students themselves, chemistry performance course, Abitur, 1983)
Germar Rudolf in 1982 (34 KB)
Germar Rudolf in 1990 (10 KB)

Service for the Fatherland
1989-1990 in the Luftwaffe.

Germar Rudolf's address to the recruits as they took their solemn vow in the Eifel Maar Barracks on the morning of 9th November 1989 was a memorable event. He noted that the vow of the soldier to defend the right and freedom of the German people presumes the will of political leaders to defend this right and freedom. On the problem of the then East Germany (DDR), he urged the political goal of German reunification in freedom. For this he was praised by the commanding officers, but criticized by some in the ranks. That very evening in Berlin the wall fell, and every critic was silent ...

Fellows fall out!
Germar Rudolf in 1991, doctoral candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and an officer in the Catholic German Student Fraternity Nordgau-Prague, then headquartered in Prague, now in Stuttgart (above, with cap and ribbons).

This fraternity is a member of the Cartel-Union of Catholic German Student Fraternities (CV), at that time Europe's largest scholars' organization, to which many famous personalities belonged or belong, such as Josef Cardinal Höffner, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Friedrich Cardinal Wetter, Archbishop Johannes Dyba, Franz-Josef Strauss, Philipp Jenninger, Matthias Wissmann, Alexander von Stahl, Herbert Hupka, Rainer Barzel, Otto von Habsburg, Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince von Hohenzollern, Prof. Peter Berglar, Prof. Josef Stingl and Thomas Gottschalk.

When Rudolf's Revisionist activities became known, the fraternity "dumped" him.

Below: In Summer 1992 as expert witness during the thought crime trial against the Swiss Revisionist Max Wahl in Munich, here in a Biergarten.

Germar Rudolf in 1991 (7 KB)
Germar Rudolf in 1992 (19 KB)
Germar Rudolf in Summer 1991 (55 KB)

The author
Shortly before his trip to Auschwitz in Summer 1991, Rudolf wrote up his first experimental results on the "Formation and Detectibility of Cyanide Compounds in Masonry Gassed with Prussic Acid". His effort to publish this paper in the renowned scientific journal "Angewandte Chemie" caused concern at the Max Plank Institute when the editor-in-chief of the journal inquired of the Institute management, why they were doing such strange research there. Rudolf's doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hans-Georg von Schnering intervened to discontinue pursuit of publication of the article in the Angewandte.

It is done!

In Spring 1993, doctoral work and "Rudolf Expert Report" are done and await publication.

Germar Rudolf in Spring 1993 (12 KB)
Germar Rudolf in December 1997 (10 KB)

The happy exile.

But first, it is different,
and second, than one thinks ...

Due to heavy political persecution, at the end of March 1996 Germar Rudolf fled into exile, where he has founded a new way of life.

New hassle ahead!
Photo taken during his speech at the First Convention for Real History in Cincinnati on September 26, 1999, organized by the British historian David Irving. During this conference, Irving announces that Germar now resides in England. Shortly after his return to England, Germar has to flee from England, because police and media start a man hunt for him.
Germar Rudolf in September 1999 (4 KB)

With Full Steam Ahead!

After reaching the (still?) safe shores of the United States of America, Germar Rudolf expands his publishing company. Now he also publishes English language books and an English magazine.

Quick Biography

Diplom Chemist Germar Rudolf, born 29th October 1964 in Limburg/Lahn. Abitur received 1983 in Remscheid, then study for the degree Diplom Chemist at the University of Bonn, completed summa cum laude September 1989. Next, service with the anti-aircraft branch of the Luftwaffe. Preparation of his PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart between October 1990 and June 1993. In Winter 1990/91 began studies to verify the so-called "Leuchter Report", which led to the first draft of the "Rudolf Expert Report" in Summer 1991. Despite the highest recommendations, denial of his dissertation by the University of Stuttgart in Summer 1993 for political reasons. Different scholarly activities until his flight to a safer country in Spring 1996, due to political persecution in Germany. Since 1997 editor of the scholarly historical journal "Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung" and proprietor of the publishing house Castle Hill Publishers. End of 1999 emigration to the USA and expansion of publishing activities to include English language material, including the scholarly historical journal "The Revisionist".

Address in the USA: PO Box 257768, Chicago, IL, USA
English address: PO Box 118, GB-Hastings TN34 3ZQ, UK)

For more details see Hunting Germar Rudolf.

Vorlesungen über Zeitgeschichte (1993, Engl. in preparation),
Das Rudolf Gutachten (1993, Nl. 1994, Fr. 1996, 2nd. ed. 2001, Engl. "The Rudolf Report" in 2003),
Wissenschaftlicher Erdrutsch durch das Rudolf Gutachten, (1993, Engl. 1994),
Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte: Auch Holocaust-Lügen haben kurze Beine (1994),
Der Fall Rudolf (1994, Engl. "The Rudolf Case"), Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte (1994, Engl. "Dissecting the Holocaust" 2000),
Auschwitz: Nackte Fakten (1995, Engl. "Auschwitz: Plain Facts" online only), Kardinalfragen zur Zeitgeschichte (1996; English "Cardinal Questions on Contemporary History" online only);
since early 1997 chief editor of the Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, since 2003 chief editor of the magazine The Revisionist; numerous articles in each journal.

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